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The Day God’s Hands Touched Me

“When God steps into your life, know that BIG changes are to come.”

I’m about to tell you about a dream I experienced once and have never had a dream like it since.

“How do I go about my day when God touched me?”

I was sleeping. That night in 2015, everything was quiet and quite normal until I experienced something I had never felt or seen before.

In my “dream,” I stared at the blackest black I’ve ever seen. I was looking around, waiting for something to appear; after all, this was a dream, and I was supposed to be seeing something, right? From the corner of my eyes, something began to come into view. It was a piece of material, burgundy velvet edged in gold trim. I remember saying, “Wow, that is some mighty fine-looking fabric!”

As I continued to look at this fabric in my dream, I suddenly began to feel the most unconditional love I ever felt. It was more than the love you felt when seeing your newborn for the first time. It was more than the joy you feel on your wedding day. It was more potent and more profound than any love experience I had! What the heck was this? Not only do I see things in my dreams, but now emotions are coming into play.

No sooner did that thought come into my mind than I saw a pair of hands approaching my face. They looked manly yet feminine at the same time. They were wrinkle-free and perfectly manicured. The hands were the most beautiful color, like a cross between a buttery yellow and sweet cream. They glowed.

As I was mesmerized by these hands, they were getting closer and closer to my face. As I watched these glorious hands come closer to me, they eventually cupped the sides of my face.

I remember gasping in my dream because of the way they felt. I cannot put into words the love that radiated from them. What was amazing was that I could FEEL them! They were warm! In a dream, I felt warm hands on my face, but whose hands were they?

I cannot fully explain that segment of time in this dream I had back in 2015. All I know is what I felt. I felt, to my core, that these were the hands of God. The warmth and love I felt in that dream were indescribable, nothing short of Holy. But what did it all mean? Why did I experience this?

I woke from that dream crying like no tomorrow, not because I was sad but because I experienced love as I’d never felt before. How do I possibly go about my day when I just felt God?

I went to the shower. Hot, steamy water flowed over my body, soothing me. As I tried to rationalize what had just happened, I felt yet another presence with me. Here again, it was the same feeling of love. I guess I just needed an extra-long shower until I was able to find my bearings and process what had just happened.

I grabbed the shampoo and started sudsing up. I felt a strong urge to look up like something was above my head. I tipped my head backward and saw two hands! They were the same ones I saw in my dream just minutes ago. They were about two feet over my head, palms down like they were praying over me. Okay, now I am starting to freak out!

What was going on? What just happened? Who? What? Why? As these questions flew through my head, I wanted to run to someone and tell them what happened. Who can I talk to? Who will listen? More importantly, who will believe me? No one.

About a week after this "dream," I experienced a huge change. I was able to see chakras and auras, and my clairvoyance was stronger than ever.

Have you seen God? What did it feel like? What did it look like? Do we all see the same God, or is it a version of our beliefs?



Joanne Sprott
Joanne Sprott

I have experienced the "fullness" from this level of love, just once, in about 1999, I think, when I was 42 (if you ever read or saw the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, that number will mean something by itself). I had a waking vision while doing energy work with a healer. She touched my shoulder, and I found myself at a Renaissance-era party, or wedding or something. A man turned around to look at me (he looked a bit like my fiance who had passed away in 1978 in a flying accident). Blue eyes just poured into me and I filled up with this love that was so full that I stepped away from the healer to break the…

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