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The Angels I Met: Introduction

I will be sharing snip-its from a Booklet I wrote called, The Angels I've Met. To stay in the story, Look in the category MY BOOK if you get lost.

It's an extraordinary thing, talking about Angels, it's one of those things that you know exist because everyone talks about them, but you can't prove it. It's like asking, "Do you love your family?" Of course, you do, but how do you prove what LOVE is? What does love look like? Yes, you can feel it, but how do you prove something exists other than just talking about it from your heart? I'm not talking about the act of love, gift giving, terms of endearment or dating, just love. Can you physically touch love? Is love something you can place in a box? The same questions apply to Angels.

This is a challenging topic to write about because if you ask ten different people what does an Angel look like, you'll get a variation of answers. Who do you believe? Who even says that their opinion is legit? In this booklet, I'm going to share the experiences I've had with the Angelic Realm. My experiences can't be proven other than telling you about them.

As I detail my encounters, you'll conclude that I either have a vivid imagination or maybe, just maybe, I can see and sense Angels. You decide for yourself. (more to come)


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