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Sun Channeling: What This Way Comes

I had a busy day this morning and had little time to myself, which is not fun. So, when I had a little breather, I went into my yard and sat in the sun. What a perfect, gorgeous day!

Whenever I feel a channeled message coming on, I see an image of paper and pen in my third eye, which is how I know a message is coming in. I didn't have paper outside, but I had my phone and dictated the message as follows:

“What this way comes, shall I care if it is worth splitting hair? To go one way to go the other is fine and choices to one another compared. To the road, but once divide, one went low, the other went high. We all get to the path we choose, or comes a time for us not to lose but to gain. Trust the time, trust the process. It is meant to be, feels rough on the heart, it will soothe the mind, and know this journey is for you!”


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Sep 11, 2022


Sep 11, 2022
Replying to

and it was a welcomed suprise!

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