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Summarizing a Spiritual Journey in 30 Seconds

Even though I previously published an in-depth article named "Unveiling The 6 Steps of Ascension: A Journey to Spiritual Enlightenment," I decided to add some additional steps in this post. Essentially, these steps reflect the progression of my personal journey, spanning a decade from the initial awakening to the point of "surrender." You can find a quick summary of this journey here, condensed into just 30 seconds. I discovered that there are shared elements in almost everyone's journey, offering insights into what you might also encounter.


  1. An event happens that shakes you

  2. You have weird dreams

  3. You see weird things

  4. No one believes you

  5. You buy cards, crystals

  6. You can’t watch scary movies anymore

  7. You lose your friends

  8. You meditate and just know things

  9. There are too many coincidences to comprehend

  10. You can’t watch the news

  11. You can’t be in crowds

  12. Spirit is constantly by your side

  13. You get overwhelmed

  14. You write a book

  15. You look for like-minded people

  16. Sometimes you get divorced

  17. Your family thinks you’re nuts

  18. You start not to care what others think of you

  19. You start to love yourself in a different way

  20. You begin to shed things in your life

  21. You like being alone

  22. You need to be alone

  23. You love being in the sun and nature

  24. You get rid of your cards, and crystals

  25. Your senses are strong as shit

  26. You finally surrender and your journey unfolds, naturally

How many have you experienced?


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