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Standing Strong In Gratitude

Living as a medium is not easy. We are hypersensitive, and sometimes that makes us overreact to the smallest event in our lives.

Developing our sensitivity is a vital part of being a successful medium, but we have to learn how to control and balance those emotions which can have a huge impact on our lives.

Life is about balance; no one is perfect. No matter how long you’ve been open to your journey or what fancy training you have, it all boils down to the emotions and memories we have.

I will say this, I love my life and am so grateful my journey unfolded as it did, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Be authentic to who you are, keep your integrity in line, and know that in a heartbeat, everything can change.

Cherish who and what is in your life, change or release the things that lower your vibe and keep your frequency high and clear. Two things are front and center today - GRATITUDE and THANKFULNESS. And so it is 🌟



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