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Sometimes Spirit People Are Just Not Nice

I'm using this blog to take notes from the class I am enrolled in. It is a mediumship class that digs deep into readings, what happens when you get a NO in reading, and how to get over it.

Here it goes:

I'm taking an advanced course in mediumship, and I'm finding it fascinating! It's a five-week course with zoom practice sessions throughout the week. Today during my practice readings, I learned something very valuable.

I learned that sometimes the sitter wants to hear from a specific person in spirit and wants to hear a specific message. Spirit, the person who has passed, will say what they want to say, not what the sitter wants to hear.

Today's reading was a little rough because the sitter was expecting to hear an "I love you and I'm sorry" from her mom, and she didn't. Her mom had a harsh edge and expressed her regret that it didn't work out between her and her daughter. Her mom said, "sorry you didn't get the jewelry or clothes you wanted that were mine, I wish I had given it to you, and I regret not giving it to you."

The reading ended abruptly; the mom was aggravated and did not have a relationship with her daughter, and her daughter knew it. Her daughter was expecting an apology. Her mom was kind of like, "oh well, sorry, things worked out the way they did", and that was the end of the reading.

Thank goodness for the class I am taking and the lessons I am learning. I have never had a reading like this where the spirit person was so cold to their loved one. Mediumship readings are not all unicorns and lollipops; they are about giving the sitter a message from their passed “loved” ones. Sometimes, there is no love.



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