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Shush! I'm Trying to Heal

Color is my world, and when my world changes, I turn to color. Why color? Because it is connected to our mind, body, and spirit, not to mention angels, chakras, crystals, and nature. These are all healing elements.

For me, when I have a lot of thinking to do, I like things quiet. I don't like to talk much; I don't listen to music; I just like it quiet. The purr of a cat is as loud, and it gets.

As far a color, barely-there works for me. Here are some colors that are barely noticeable yet are very powerful. These are the colors you'll see in the facets of diamonds, in the sunrise, or noticed in the sky after a rain.

Archangel Metatron also represents these colors. As light as these colors are, they are, on some level, very strong—Metatron in one VERY powerful Angel.

So, if you're looking to heal in some way, turn to color. It works.

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