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Psychometry: The Necklace That Wanted To Be Heard

On my days off, Hubs and I enjoy going out to the local watering hole and grabbing a pizza and a beverage. We found a new local place to discover, a new menu, new people, and just a new experience to process. We were excited about our latest dining adventure.

We ordered a small pizza to split and two beers. Our waiter walked up to our table with the pizza. He leaned over slightly, and the necklace he was wearing dangled in the air away from his chest. I don't know if the movement of the necklace that caught my eye or the necklace itself.

His necklace was moving like a pendulum. I looked at it and felt a jolt in my solar plexus, knowing there was a story behind this very unique-looking necklace.

His necklace was shaped like a vertical cylinder with silver filigree. It was a red colored gemstone of some sort, and it was the most unique necklace I have seen. Before he left, I said to him, "What a beautiful necklace!"

He looked at me, hesitated, and said, "Yeah, it's for good luck."

No sooner did those words come from his mouth, I knew he was lying to me, and I was determined to learn the story behind this unusual necklace.

About a half-hour later, I walked up to the bar to get additional napkins. I told the waiter, "I'm sorry if I offended you about your necklace; I noted how beautiful it was, and I didn't mean to be personal, so I apologize." I held out my hands, showed him my Amber rings, and told him, "My jewelry has a story too. "

He said to me, "You can tell the story about this necklace?" Without hesitation, I said, "Yes, I can; I'm kind of sensitive that way."

He looked me in the eye and said, "OK, tell me the story about my necklace."

I already knew the story about his necklace even before he asked me, which was good enough for me. Apparently, he wanted to test my "sensitivities skills, "so I took him up on his offer.

I took a deep breath, looked over his right shoulder out in the distance, and began picking up energy on his necklace. "Your necklace is from somebody very close to you, like your immediate family. It's also from a generation back, and I am sensing it is a male."

I was going to finish my reading, and he stopped me. He said, "You can stop right there. Would you like me to tell you about my necklace?"

I said, "I would love to hear about your necklace; otherwise, I can keep telling you about it if you'd like."

He had this smile on his face, yet his body language told me he was nervous. He said that the necklace was from his father, who passed earlier this year. Contained in the filigree cylinder were the ashes of his father. He said, "You are spot on."

I eventually told him that I was a psychic medium, and from the moment I saw his necklace, I already knew its story, but it was not my business to say. I am not a fan of doing readings in public, but there are times when spirit comes in so strong with the need to soothe the grief of a loved one that these readings are completely necessary and unplanned.

I went on explaining to him that our meeting was no coincidence. Spirit somehow aligned my husband and me to show up to a place we've never been before to meet a man we've never spoken to before so I could give him a reading from his father. I went on to tell him that his dad's energy and love will always be with him. Although their physical body has passed, his love and energy will always remain.

Those words that I told him brought a smile to his face, and suddenly his entire demeanor changed. He was happy and smiling, and his hands were flying in the air as they expressed what he was talking about. We talked about movies that we loved, our jewelry, and how life, in general, was just amazing and untimed.

What I described to you here in this post was an excellent example of Psychometry. This is the ability to read energy from an object either by holding it or by looking at it. Everything around us, from somebody's necklace to the glasses on our face, contains energy. All forms of energy can be felt and read.


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May 12, 2022

Wow! Great story, great connection!

May 12, 2022
Replying to

I'll be talking about this in detail in tonights psychometry ZOOM event - you got a sneak peek lol

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