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NOW We Begin to Live in The New Earth

Can you feel it? The last full moon on January 25th was one of closure. We are now entering the New Earth.

A few years before everything hit the fan, we were in the long haul for the Great Reset, and what a change that was! It was the worst four years of my life, for sure.

I’ve felt this movement for a few months, and it’s finally here. This is the time of 100% being YOU and everything that you want to be.

It’s the time of letting go and not looking back. We all work so very hard emotionally and physically; now, we’re caught up with and connected to our soul contracts. NOW, we begin to live again.

  • We’ve left the people we no longer resonate with.

  • We’ve left the jobs that go against our grains.

  • We live in the home where our soul longed to be.

  • We’ve turned to nature to heal us; now, we feel good.

  • We’ve dropped social media and the tainted news because of all the illusions.

  • We’ve cleared our spaces and let go of the past to embrace our future, and this is just the beginning.

This is the beginning of living simply, cleanly, and with authenticity.

Kudos to the Light Workers for helping as many as possible to join us; your work has paid off.

What do you say? Yes, your work still needs to be completed but changed. Now, we are no longer trying to drag the people with us to be here, but we are embracing and living with the people who ARE with us - this is our reward!

So live, love, laugh, and enjoy your New World; it’s about to get better,


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