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No More Walking Between Realms

I don’t know if it’s the planetary alignment, the stars, or the Universe saying enough is enough. Is anyone else feeling frustrated? 

It feels like so many outlets have petered out, and it’s all my doing, social media being one of them. It just feels so empty, like walking on a dead-end street.

For the past few weeks, I have been ditching clothes, home decor, friends, and social media, and I have no regrets. It feels like it’s a thing of the past, and I can’t move forward without letting go.

I believe social media has pissed me off on purpose so that I would do just that - drop it all. I’m SO tired of hearing about the “chemtrails,” global warming, the same old crap on the news, how we should not be drinking and eating out of plastic, how all our food is poisoned, how the fluoride in toothpaste will kill us, how porch pirates are taking all our packages, and last but not least, because the list is a mile long, SO exhausted about everything being about race.

So, there is my rant. What am I going to do?

I’m only going to do what brings me joy, which we all should be doing in the first place. This includes writing for my two blogs, Decorating By Donna and Angel Hug 2:34 - and one of those blogs is also on borrowed time.

I’m leaving my subscriptions and replacing that void with simple things that will challenge my mind, like puzzles, Scrabble, and my favorite, UNO. Also, spending more time outside, in solitude, and most importantly, in the mountains. 

Are you picturing an old lady in a rocking chair? Yeah, maybe, but this old lady is VERY clairvoyant and has sharpened senses that can cut a thought in half, and I have to follow my intuition. I know from the past that when I don't, my head gets in a scramble, and I feel awful. My instincts will place me exactly where I need to be, and I had a vision that showed me this! It's all good, and I'm crazy excited! 

It’s time to simply as my life gets more complicated on a spiritual level. Last week, I had a MAJOR visual and LOUD message from the spirit, and basically, I had to choose between the emptiness of this realm and the glorious, strong, healing presence of “the other realm.” The choice is a no-brainer. 

So, no more walking in between realms. I needed to say this aloud and write it to move forward. And so it is.


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Jan 20
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for the past few weeks I feel as though three dimensional energy has been trying to abduct my higher self and plunk me back into my former asshole self. I've even lost interest in my reiki. But I know why I'm here and know that the universe will love me and whatever is supposef to happen will be known to me and I'll get back to spreading the light. Intuition is as strong as ever, so I'll just study this little 'vacation' for purpose, knowing that no harm will come of this. And so it is.

Jan 28
Replying to

It seems the Universe continues to give us these little tests to see if we want to continue as Light Workers. We get those “pauses” almost like a platform in time in case we want to jump off and call it quits. Keep going, take a rest and you feel when it’s time to continue.

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