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New Beginnings, Starting With Black

Black is symbolic of so much. For me, the Colorful Clairvoyant, as I refer to myself, black, is the complete opposite of what I’ve been writing about for decades. 

Today, as we creep out of the New Moon phase, I will start my new. Before I find my new colors, I must first begin with black.

Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique. Each journey is so very different from everyone else’s.

For me, through so much change in the past few months, I began by cutting my hair. There is nothing more freeing than doing something completely different physically for your body, like cutting hair. The black-and-white photo of me in the graphic symbolizes my new start.

Throughout the decades, I’ve had many new starts, each one different in itself, serving and completing a different purpose. It is important for me to write down what I’ve learned in my daily journals. Today, just days before my 62nd birthday, I’m focusing on the following:

.• It’s ok to start something new.

• It’s ok to jump entirely out of your comfort zone.

• It’s ok to ignore the abusive words of others; I already did my shadow work, and they are still working on theirs. 

• It’s ok to feel down for a day; I allow myself that time to process because the next day will be amazing.

• Endings are not sad; they are just complicated 

• I love myself. I’ve been with myself for 62 years and have been through a lot. I would not change one thing in my life!

• I look forward to the future because the best is yet to be!



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