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My Lenormand Cards Detailed My Cats Transition

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post but needed to show you how the Universe answers your questions when you ask.

My eight-year-old cat's health has been declining, and in the last week or two, it was very rough. I tried everything to nurse my cat back to health, and nothing helped; it was just putting a band-aid on an unknown wound. We kept him as comfortable as possible, and he was getting worse.

I needed answers, so I went to my Lenormand Cards. Around January 21st, I asked, “I feel like my cat will pass soon. When will this happen?” I pulled a card, and the number on the card was 28. With a time question, the number on the card is key. The 28th? That is just a week away. Deep down, I felt that was about right because my cat was barely eating, and I knew his time was near.

On the 27th, my cat had a little pep to him! I was happy to see him drink and eat a little, even if it was just a few of his kibbles. Ha! For the first time, my cards are wrong! Tomorrow is the 28th, and this is SO not going to happen.

The morning of the 28th arrived, and my cat and I locked eyes, and I felt he was telling me, “Mom, please just let me go. It's ok.” I realized it was the 28th and felt chills throughout my body. My cards were right.

After crying for hours, I had my Vet come to the house and start the procedure of transitioning my beloved Levi. As horrible as his passing was, I will say that it was so loving to be able to hold him and talk to him as he closed his eyes. We were all together, Levi in his bed surrounded by his favorite toys and me and my husband right next to him, holding him.

The comforting part of all this is that we found a beautiful place for Levi to rest in our garden. I can see his resting place from my office window, and I find solace, knowing he is nearby.

I pulled one last card, and I asked the Universe if we had made the right choices throughout Levi's illness. I shuffled and drew one card, turned it over, and it was the GARDEN card. I couldn't believe it! What are the chances of my Lenormand cards not only telling me the date my Levi was going to pass but showing me where he will be resting? I don't understand the magic behind these cards, but there is a powerful connection between me and my cards that is unexplainable. The GARDEN card represents rest and relaxation and seeing this was a huge relief. I felt a tremendous weight lifted off my heart, knowing that everything we did was right for Levi and us.

Now we all can rest peacefully and together.


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