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Mirror, Mirror: It's All About Mirror Work

Oh, I haven't done a #catomancy reading in a while. Let's do this!

Seven of spades ... oh here we go with the head stuff! Spades, like Swords in Tarot, it's all about the head stuff. Our thoughts can be our worst enemy right? Well, this is what I learned last night.

I was browsing through Tic-Tok of all places and one profile I saw (on make-up oddly) sent me to a YouTube video. There, I just happen to stumble on a video on mirroring. Now, this has been a BEAR for me for a while because I keep seeing mirror numbers like 1:01, 10:01 - you get the idea. Please note that if you're seeing the same numbers over and over again, this cycle will not stop until you figure it out. I finally figured out my numbers.

Yes, it very much has to do with mirror work. I've been thinking about the same things EVERY FREAKING DAY and when you're stuck in that routine, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Like a mirror, these thoughts will keep bouncing back onto you until you change your thought process.

So seven of spades is about making sacrifices and for me, it's cutting the cords of all the stuff in my head that's been haunting me, and sending it out to the universe to find somewhere else to go. I'm done with it.

So today, my mirror has changed. My thoughts are clear and positive, and my mirror will reflect back, only the good thought that I shine on it.

What do you see in your mirror? Don't like it? Reprogram it today. Have a great day my friends!


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