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Messages From The Dead: What Do Spirit People Say In Readings?

“Sometimes, I have better conversations with spirit people.”

As time went on, my readings and mediumship progressed. So many readings and each one was different yet there was one common thread, messages.

Every medium is different and has a different ability to connect with spirit. It’s like being a teacher — they all teach but one teaches science, another math, history, or literature. For me, I’m definitely finding out what subject I specialize in and its messages. I mean all mediums should be getting messages from Spirit otherwise, you’re not a medium. It’s how you connect with the deceased, or spirit people — I dislike saying, “dead people.”

Quotes From Spirit People I thought it would be fun for you to hear what some spirit people have said in the readings that I gave. Spirit people are still just people, but in another realm and another form of energy. How they spoke on earth while they were alive is how they will speak in the spirit world. It’s a conversation that you have to pay really close attention to. When I do readings, sometimes I hear sentences or quotes from spirit people. It’s hilarious, because it’s like I’m listening to someone else’s conversation, like I’m an interpreter. I want to share some of those quotes with you. Mind you, that each of these quotes were validated by the client by confirming that is something they’d say or as an aspect of their personality.

“Peek-a-boo!” “I’d give my right arm for you!” “I love you to the moon and back!” “Now, now! Stop fighting! I feel like I told her this all the time!” “Tell her I’m with her when she makes her spaghetti sauce.” “You’re on the ground floor for something amazing.” “She sure wears the pants in the family!” “Let her be who she wants and needs to be.” (in reference to being gay) “Sorry, we fought so much. I always loved you!” “Tell her I’m the one who gives her joy when her days are dark and gloomy.” “Some days are rainy and cloudy, but the sun will always shine for you.” “You’re my love and joy!” “I love you, honey; you know that. Through tough times, thick and thin. I always loved you.” “Yea, she’s my baby girl! I love her to death.” “I miss you M**. You have a big heart, and you wear it on your sleeve.” “She has the keys to my heart. I love you baby girl!” (spirit said, “Thank you Donna.”) “Smoking pot? I’m not happy about it, but if it makes you happy, then ok.” “Chalk it up. You did a great job teaching your kids rules and behaviors.” “When you find joy in your heart, know this is when I’m nearest and dearest to you.” “Your hands were cold when I was passing, but that’s ok; I know you have a warm heart.” “I want to dance with my girls again.” “I’m here with you sweetie, you choose who you want to be in life. Let her be who she wants to be.”

Do you see something familiar here? See how these quotes are like if you and I were to speak? THAT’s it! Spirit people are people, and the way they spoke while living is how they will speak in the afterlife. I build a relationship with the spirit realm daily. I have a room in my house that I call the Reading Room, and it’s there where I chat with Spirit, similar to chatting with a friend who came over for a visit.

Many mediums demand questions from the spirit world, which is not the best way to open the lines of communication. Questions like, What’s your name? Where did you live? How did you die? What do you look like? These are all very important elements in readings to identify who I’m speaking with so the client or sitter can recognize them; however, I wouldn’t say I like demanding information from Spirit. THEY will tell me what is essential to convey to the sitter. It is not for me to decide. If the information I receive is confusing, I will ask for more information.

“Oh, it’s good to finally be at the stage where I find mediumship humorous.”

Isn’t that amazing? Some of these responses just brought me to tears from the love, it was so overwhelming! And I must say, some spirit people STILL have a hilarious sense of humor on the other side too! My book, From Color To The Cosmos: Inside The Mind of a Medium can be purchased on Amazon.


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30 juil. 2022

Great synopsis of your relationship with spirit people. BTW, humor is one of the things that definitely still exists on the other side, which you likely know. Hugs are something the disembodied seem to miss, though.

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