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Mediumship: Going Beyond the Velvet

Introduction: I wasn’t sure what title to give this story, book, blog post, whatever it is based on how long it is. All I know is there are some major points I will be talking about, and it falls under many umbrellas.

I’ve been openly living my life as a psychic medium since 2015. I’ve met many people, read many books, watched many YouTube videos, and attended a lot of ZOOM meetings, all about mediumship. In addition, I followed and watched all the seasoned psychic mediums from the United States, United Kindom, Candana, and Australia. As a result, I’ve come up with some interesting bullet points I’d like to share.

I love to see that everyone has their own style and beliefs regarding mediumship; that’s a good thing. However, where it gets a slight head scratchy is noting just how many styles there are for mediumship. For the person just starting on this journey, it can be very confusing!

I’m happy that I’ve finally found my comfortable mediumship shoes and walk my journey happily and with confidence. That was so not me years ago when it was my time to explore this amazing field.

There is nothing more frustrating than starting a new path in life and not having a mentor or a solid direction to follow. So many people throw in the towel at this point, which is sad. However, the people who are bound and determined to move forward like I was will always find a way to get that guidance. From experience, I also honestly believe that if there is a will, there is a way. This means that if your spirit guides, angels, or whatever energies you think are helping you see that you want to move forward, they will help clear the path for you.

This is part of a series, stay tuned!


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