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Manifest Your Wishes for 2023

We spent new years eve in our new mountain cabin, and I'll tell you, after celebrating many new year's Eve from NY to PA, this one was one of the best!

Coming into 2023, I said goodbye to many things - friends I no longer resonated with, the passing of my mom, and my beloved cat, Florida, since I now have no family there (I never liked Florida anyway, but it has so many family memories) and so much of a mindset that does not serve my highest good.

I've gained a tremendous as well. I now have my dream home in the mountains, my 95 yr young dad lives with me (this is bitter-sweet), my daughter is back in our lives, and I look forward to manifesting so many things that are on my bucket list.

Life is precious; life is short. Life is good, and life can be challenging. I feel like I've been climbing a mountain and finally got to the top, and it feels good.

I hope you all have your hopes and dreams in your wish pocket; keep them close because you can make them come true anytime you're ready!



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