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LOVE: Lenormand Card Message Of The Day

The card of love! What a great way to start the day! When we look for a direction to move towards, to work towards, or to grow, just do what you love. Sounds simple right? I think we all over-complicate life and, in doing so, create unnecessary stress in our lives. Put it all away, and focus on the things you enjoy doing.

Let’s break it down.

CAREER: Oh, there might be love in the air at the office! Yeah, be careful with this one. How about loving your job first and putting the office romance on the back burner.

HEALTH: Feeling your heart thumping around? Stress and anxiety will do that, so slow way down today and breathe in and out.

LOVE: Your time may be now to make a move. The cards are most definitely in your favor.

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