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Look How Easy It Is To Connect To The Other Side

I was pulling a card for myself this morning, and an amazing synchronicity happened. I used my dad's favorite crystal in this pull. Before I pulled a card, I asked him to be my new Guide from the other side and to help me keep my creative ideas flowing - he and I always talked about our crazy ideas and dreams. So, I pulled this card. Not only is it the same shape as his crystal, but this card taps into the male side of one's energy, particularly for creative ideas. Also, it represents the element of fire. You just can't make this stuff up, and it's proof to see how EASY it is to connect with our passed loved one. Also, it's EXTREMELY easy to create your own matrix, BUT you have to have a strong mindset and set your intentions for what you need. This is all part of #NewEarthMagic


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