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Life's Little Miracles

Life's little miracles. Yesterday I was having an off day and just needed to rest and do nothing. I stayed inside most of the day.

As I was walking in my kitchen, I looked down and saw a small brown thing that I thought was a "present" from one of my five cats. I thought nothing of it, and as I went to pick it up, I saw it was a snail, a dried-out snail!

Poor baby! I don't know how it snuck in my home, I guess under the door somehow. I felt so bad; the poor thing felt like a piece of Tootsie Roll. I went out to my backyard to place it in the garden. It has just rained, and I wondered, if I put a few drops of rainwater on it, would it come back to life?

No, it was dry and hard - dead, so I thought. I held the poor thing in the palm of my hand and scooped up some rainwater that was in a bowl on my porch table. Drip, drip, drip, I place the cool water on this dehydrated snail, and little by little, I saw it move!

It came back to life! How is this possible? It was hard as a rock, and now, it lives! I guess the combination of love and the will for it to be alive again and the healing, fresh rainwater was all needed for life.

I am the snail whisperer!



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