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Insights for 2022

Isn’t it amazing to see how my blog, me, has evolved over the years? We all have to embrace who we are and what we do. My hashtag, #FromColorToTheCosmos is hands down 100% a perfect reflection of who I am. Having said that, I hope you enjoy the occasional card combinations that I’ll be sharing with you.

I like to keep my card readings short and sweet. These Lenormand cards are beautiful and very direct so that will be easy. Here I have three cards outlining the answers for, “Insights for 2022?”

The cards say: As we continue to take a closer (magnifying glass) look at many aspects of our lives, we focus on our mind, body, and spirit (the tree) because it’s there where we find peace and security. There still are so many aspects of the future that we do not have answers (upside down key) to and this is frustrating. However, our center is our family, our core selves, and our spirituality.

Happy new year everyone and thank you for your support over the years, I SO appricate you! Continue to be your authentic self and shine! Don’t hide who you are or what you do. Life is short, embrace YOU!


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