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If This Was My Last Day

If this was my last day on earth, did I have fun?

Did I do what I wanted to do?

Did I laugh?

Did I talk to the people who are closest to my heart?

Did I get to walk barefoot in my garden?

Did I enjoy the bird sounds?

Did I call the older people in my life to see if they are OK and to say hi?

Did I talk to friends that I've heard from for a while?

Did I eat from my best China today?

Did I wear my finest jewelry today?

Did I listen to music that I enjoyed?

Did it take time to rest and pause?

Did I enjoy a car ride in my beautiful car?

Did I sit down and enjoy the comfort of my cats?

Did I take a few deep breaths when anxiety was high?

For one day, did I not care what people thought of me?

Did I? I did!

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Jean StPierre Kingsbury
Jean StPierre Kingsbury
Jun 16, 2022

Dear Donna, Your list made me pause and really think. Thank-you. Always, Jean❤️

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