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I Think I Experienced A Walk-In

I had a weird experience a few weeks ago, and I will try to explain it as simply as possible because, like most of the experiences in my life, it's a bit weird.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and I went for a walk in my garden. I got to one spot in my yard and felt something I had never felt before. I heard an odd noise, like a book that fell to the ground noise, and then felt like something walked right through me; it literally pushed me back a step or two.

I stood there for a second, again not experiencing this before, so I didn't know how to process it and was left confused. Should I run? Sit down? Go in the house? Cry? Pray? Rejoice? I had no idea!

Like all my experiences, I don't come to a conclusion until I send it all through my senses. What did I sense this time? Something new.

The only thing I could do was wait, wait to see how I felt the next few days.

I found this article about Walk-Ins that taps into what and how I feel, minus the suicide part. I highlighted a part that really resonates with me. The new soul who has arrived into an adult body, now linked to it by the silver cord, will begin to live the life planned by them before entering the body. This means in almost all cases, the person, seen from the outside, suddenly changes every little thing about their former life. They may quit their job and begin working or studying in completely different fields of endeavor. Their hobbies will likely completely change. They will suddenly have little in common with their former friends or associates. In fact, they will not have karmic ties with any of the people that the original soul had and will likely drift away from everyone they once knew.“

After you've read that article, I will note the things that have changed in my life, and you'll see a huge similarity.

  • My hobbies have changed. I painted weekly; now I have no desire to paint.

  • My friends, minus the one I've had since first grade, have faded away, and it doesn't bother me one bit.

  • Currently looking to relocate and retire in the mountains, and I can't wait!

  • I bought a totally new wardrobe last week. Got rid of the "look" I had before and changed up my colors and style.

  • Foods: I'm eating less, and the foods I eat are simple.

  • My woo has changed. Before, I was huge on cards and crystals and focused on thoughts about spirituality; now, it all seems like an old, comfortable pair of jeans; it's just a part of me, with no effort.

  • Clarity: My senses are off the chart, especially my knowing and clairvoyance.

  • I no longer care what other people think of me, my life, or what I do. I feel I have a mission, and I'm going full throttle.

  • Time: The past few months seems like lifetimes ago. Time has changed, like a loop or tunnel that goes vertically, not horizontally. That is really hard to explain, but time is one big energy ball, constantly changing yet staying the same in some ways.

  • Fear: The only thing I worry about these days is the health and safety of my family, which is normal for all parents. ON spirituality, I totally get the spirit world and how it relates to me. What's super cool is I now know why other people have fears; it's not because of what they think they SEE. It's because of THEIR own thoughts and beliefs. That is a pretty big milestone to get under one's belt, but when it does, life is so much simpler and easy to understand.

So what do you think? Pretty big changes in a really short amount of time, wouldn't you agree?

To add one more twist to this scenario, I 100% feel that I'm a Starseed. I guess I'll wait and see what continues to unfold over the next few weeks. Stay posted.



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