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I Still Play Scrabble With My Dead Dad

using scrabble as divination tool

I continue to have an amazing connection with my Dad from beyond. It's been a year since his passing, and we have never been closer.

My divination tool of choice with him is uniquely Scrabble tiles. Just about every day, I chat with him as if he's standing right next to me, and I ask him a question. I then grab my purple Crown bag, which, yes, would be Crown whiskey, in which I have my Scrabble tiles stored, and I ask him a question.

Today, I told him how excited I was about the debate between Trump and Biden and wished he and my mom would watch it with me. I continued to say, "You know what? I want you guys to watch it with me! I will be comforted knowing that we will be watching it together in the living room. What do you think about that, Dad?"

I reached into my magic bag of Scrabble tiles, grabbed a handful, and threw them down onto my reading table. Out of the 15 tiles I pulled, four of them faced upwards, and two of the four were the letters that spelled GO. Yes, let's go, Dad, let's do this!

The other amazing thing here is if you add the the G and O in points, it equals three - mom, dad, and me.

*Be sure to read the hyperlinks here on SCRABBLE so you can read the other times he connected with me through this divination tool.


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