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I Got Your Number Retrograde!

I don't even pretend to know anything about retrograde, it's not my game, however, I do know a lot about energy interpretation.

Mercury is in retrograde when it appears to go backward in its orbit. This is where people think the horns are put on them when they think or feel "backward" or going in the wrong direction. I've fallen for it too-

Me: "Oh why is this happening?" Someone would say, "Oh we're in retrograde!“ Me: Oh shit! No wonder!

The second you're in that mindset, you manifest more of that backward energy towards you. I've learned or trained myself, to stop this. I do recognize it 100% when the retrograde is present but don't fall for the "hold onto your hats" mentality anymore.

The illusion of going backward is a time, for me at least, to reflect a wee bit into the past and recognize how I could have made a situation better. Life is all about lessons and if we don't get it, these lessons will be in a perpetual spin.

Our university is not out to spook us, it's here to help us. Change your consciences and release that.


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