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I Am Changed By My Time Here: A Bit Of A Rant

I'm not referring to this blog here, meaning in this place and time. Now that that's cleared up let me chat about the change - and it's so good!

Most of life's stress and anxiety, at least for me, comes from not protecting my energy. This means putting up with unnecessary stress from people I once called friends, the burdens of social media that do not have my highest good in mind, and an overall feeling in life of those thoughts that never left my mind - until now.

I decided to put my foot down about so many things. I've cut cords with people not on the same frequency as I am. It's not that anyone did anything wrong; it's that journeys and frequencies change over time. If I stay in the presence and thoughts of those people, it brings me down, which is not good.

A big part of life is about self-love. As we all know, life is too short to settle. I want and will have the best for myself. Having said that, this is what I've done.

I did cut cords with some people in my life and most social media, and that alone is a burden off my shoulders. How freeing that is not to have that weight on my mind.

I do love social media, but there are people who take advantage of one's energy and time, which is not good. How will I still enjoy social media and protect my energy? I'll be charging a small fee for most of my events. If there are people who genuinely want to learn, they will value that service and pay for it. Gone are the days I give away reading for free; there's no value in that, and as much as I enjoy it, the energy and respect are better this way. If no one attends classes, it is not meant to be, and no energy is wasted.

This post is about releasing and renewing. Our timelines are changing, and if we do not hop on that wagon, we stay stagnant, and there is no growth. Now that I've made different choices for my future, I feel a considerable window has opened up.

I'm so excited! Are you jumping on that time wagon too? I hope so!

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Aug 29, 2022

Completely agreed!

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