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♠️ HOW WILL 2020 END? ♠️

Of course, 2020 is going to screw with us right to the end. Two spades ... uuugggg. As we "try" to find some balance and close 2020, the underlying note is the typical feeling we've been living throughout the year.

Okay 2020, be that way! Once 2021 rolls in, we will take back our power, our energy, and our lives! You've tried to scare us and succeeded. You took from us - things, people, and parts of our lives we can never get back. You forever etched a black hole in our lives and left us angry, hurt, and emotionally wrecked!

2020, you can push our buttons for only so long. Finish up your charades because once we hit midnight on the 31st, WE will be in control.

We've had all year to wake up, think, grow, release, heal, learn, cut cords, research, discern, listen, digest, and try to recover from our experiences. We will be entering 2021 with new insights, and I can't wait to pull cards for that!

For now, be the demon child you are 2020 because we are on to you and see you!


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