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How to Manifest Your Desires Through the Power of Positive Thinking

Hi friends! How’s everyone doing? Things are a bit hefty in the world, aren’t they? If you’re sensitive like me, and I know you are, I’m hoping you are taking your feelings into your own hands at this point. 

So, what is this post about? It’s about turning your thoughts into a reality. 

We surround ourselves with so many triggers that, in a NY second, can turn a smile into a frown, and that’s just not acceptable to me. 

This is nothing new, and I’m sure it’s been going through your mind already, but TV watching is the worst thing to do right now, and being on social media is a second runner-up.

I watch movies and shows on demand, so I’m the only one to blame if I'm watching something depressing. Change the channel to something amazing; I like watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Peaky Blinders for the 3rd time, and some random other shows that don’t shake me - Peaky Blinders is a good kind of shaking 😉

I’ve left most of my social media and enjoy writing on this blog and my other blog, Decorating By Donna, where I’m getting heavily into Healing Hues; take a look when you get a chance. I also spend a lot of time on Pinterest because the graphics are amazing there - visit there, too!

Sure, I’m retired, so I have a ton of freedom, and you better believe I’m making the best of my time, and my time focuses on the things I like to do.

I didn't like certain “friends” in my life, so they magically disappeared, and also, by magic, new friends replaced them, ones that I resonated with. 

I wanted to get healthy, so I started eating foods my body was craving, stopped going on the scale in the morning, and poof - a few pounds are gone, and I feel great.

Now, the biggie for me. A million years ago, living in a cabin in the mountains was what I thought was just a fantasy. Over time, I put my energy into manifesting the things that I wanted in life and made them happen very quickly. I’ll live full-time in my cabin in five years, and I can’t wait. Meanwhile, it’s a beautiful weekend getaway where I recharge. 

I’m sharing this with you because our thoughts if the energy is for our highest good, WILL become a reality. We are in charge of our lives and how we live and feel. Make the most of your time, and do the things you love that bring you joy. Stay in higher vibrations, and listen to the music that will get you there.

As you transition to your new reality, you won't see unicorns, but you will feel lighter, happier, and more fulfilled on a more simplistic level.

Give yourself time to manifest; use the moon phases to guide you. 


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