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How To Get Rid Of Monkey Mind

I will say this if your mind is in the negative and worrying about stuff that either you can't change, worries you or is just not in your highest good, that stuff will linger in your mind forever. Shift your mind and your thoughts. Think of the things in life that are happening now, focus on small things, one at a time, and bring the things that you love closer to your thoughts. This will become your reality. I know this because I did it. It's been a long battle of monkey mind for me and I'm just done with it. Sure there are things every day that irk me but I don't give them much power anymore. I'll think about it, voice my opinion then it goes to that place where it doesn't exist anymore - not sure where that is but it doesn't belong in my mind. Staying in the present moment, just minute by minute, is key. This slows time down, a lot, which is just what the mind needs


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