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How Do I Release My Feelings Of Worry?

From the time we wake up in the morning until we put our head on the pillow at night and rest, our minds are full of thoughts, feelings, and issues that we just can't seem to release. It seems there's constantly something to worry about.

My question is, who do we go to help release these feelings? To help us feel better about ourselves? How do we release these feelings of worry?

The answer lies within us. 

We don't need to go to an energy healer, a guru, a shrink or search Google for the latest, greatest spiritual teacher.

As I prepare to type the next line, tapping into my higher self for the answer. The question is, How do I release my feelings of worry?

As we all know, it is important to be grounded and anchor ourselves, not only physically but spiritually, to connect with who we are. Now is the time to take a step back and rethink what you want for yourself in the future. What is it that you want to change exactly? Your job? A relationship? Or just your overall direction in life?

Life is a constant motion, either going forward, back, side to side, or up and down. These are our thoughts, getting from one point to the other. There's a process of releasing a thought. Here, we get a thought, hold onto it, and then it needs to be released, but most of the problem lies in the "needs to be released" part. Sometimes, we hold onto certain thoughts for a little too long, and they forever burn a hole in our memory.

Many of us need to go back in time and remember when life was fun when we were young and did not have a care in the world. No matter how old you are at this point go back to that time, that happy time, that playful time and sit in that space for a while.

You there? It feels good, right?

When you awaken a memory as a child, what are you doing? Playing with crayons? Playing with your toys? Going out and playing with friends? Enjoying your favorite food or piece of candy? Whatever that memory is, that will be your go to memory whenever you have thought of worry. It will be much like the snap of a rubber band on your wrist to bring you back to a place to break a thought or action, a thought that does not serve your highest good.

Life is so very short, and as we get older, we realize how much shorter it is. Worry consumes much of our day as we feel there is so much more to do in life, but how much time do we have?

My question to you is, shouldn't we fill our days with happiness, joy, gratitude, and the fun things in life rather than dwelling on things that have not happened yet or have already happened but do not serve our highest good?

As we look further into our future, it is reasonable to say that some people have our best interests in mind, and it is up to us to provide that for ourselves. It is up to us to create happiness in our lives. How? By changing our thoughts and releasing older ones.

The things that we think about in life and the things that we focus on, whether they have already happened or have not happened yet, will burn a substantial impression within ourselves. Eventually, that impression becomes bigger and bigger as we feed it, and within time, we will manifest that very thing we fear. This is not good.

Break the cycle and tap into your inner child and the good things in life that you want to see for yourself. Just as you can manifest a negative experience, you absolutely can manifest the beautiful things in life. 

Keep your focus. Keep your vibration high and activate your good memories to get you through the day. Look more into the future, think of the things you want for yourself, and perceive them in your reality as if they have already happened.

This is how you release your worry, clear your mind, and manifest your happiness. Place the power in YOU!


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