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How Do I Protect Myself From The Boogieman?

If there is one question that I'm constantly asked it's, “How do you protect yourself?”

I thought long and hard about this one day. I read how all the other mediums protected themselves, and it just felt off to me. They’d surround themselves in white, blue, yellow, pink, any color bubble they would think of. They’d call in every Angel under the sun, call in their Guides to watch over them, and some would even envision a metal cage around them so the boogie man couldn’t get through to them. I don’t know about you, but that not only seemed like a ton of work but, to me, it felt like total nonsense and fear-based thinking, which was so against my grain.

“Here again, you have to trust your gut. Do you walk in fear or just walk?”

I want to add that every medium should choose a ritual that feels most natural to them. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the choices you make, but you have to choose one that resonates with you.

So, I was in a tiff with myself about having to protect, ground, and be on guard every day just in case some ugly energy or spirit came by. I’m thinking, this is no way to start the day with negative thoughts of, oh, it’s a new day, time to protect myself! I just don’t like that feeling, and honestly, it brings my vibration down. After all, if you constantly feel you need to protect and guard yourself, you are always thinking about those lower energies, and that is not where I wanted my thoughts to be.

I can’t be in the place I need to be if I’m dwelling on protecting myself, saying prayers every night before bed so the boogie man doesn’t come to get me, and making sure my shield doesn’t have any cracks in it––fear, fear, fear!

NO, I’m not doing this!

After chatting with my angels and guides and doing some thinking on my own, I’ve come up with a very unique way to “protect” myself during this journey, one that resonates with me. I found a solution that I feel comfortable with, so I can continue my path.

I know in the spiritual world you HAVE to protect, ground, pray and do everything and anything possible to make sure that you surround yourself with people, spirits, and energies that have your best interest in mind. That’s a given.

“I’m not saying bad things don’t exist, but if you start every day with a fear-based action, you will attract that energy toward you.”

Are you ready to hear what I came up with? It’s an idea that I know does not exist anywhere; at least I have never heard of it––that’s how I know the idea came from Spirit. What is it? It’s a spiritual Tetanus shot. What is that you say? It’s a virtual shot that contains all that I need to ground, protect myself, and like the Tetanus shot, it’s good for the next five years. Now, I feel good that I’m covered instead of dwelling on this fear every day. Isn’t that clever? Feel free to use this technique yourself. The best thing about it is it’s a shot that doesn’t even hurt.

Before waking, I say my prayers for the day. Archangel Michael, who is known as The Protector, is always with me because I asked him to stand guard a long time ago, and he’s there until I release him, so there’s no need to do this every day. I also have Zuriel standing guard on all windows and doorways of my home (I’ve had uninvited spirit people come into my home a few times) so he’s there to block that until I release him. No need to do this every day.

I always walk in light and love and am always protected by Source and my Angels. Again, like calling in Archangel Michael, if, and only IF, I feel something is around that is low vibrational, I visualize my Angels surrounding me in their light and love.

What’s happening here is a mindset. I no longer want or can dwell on things that MIGHT happen. I can do this because I walk in light, love, and I know that I have an entire team of Angels around me 24/7.

Do you know what that is like? It’s like the images you see when you look at a cloud. Is it just a cloud, or is it a lion, or a cat, or a mouse? Everyone perceives things differently. I have very little fear, but I will admit spiders scare the crap out of me. Having said that, I continue to plow forward in my mediumship because I have no fear knowing Angel energy is around me, always.


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