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How Do I Heal My Ascension Pain?

The past few days, I've been going through EXTREME ascension symptoms. I will say this, it has been a very difficult week emotionally and physically, but this is not my first rodeo. It seems as the rides go on, the symptoms are getting more challenging, just like as you progress grades or levels in school.

Having said that, I do not go to the internet to find my answers; I go right to spirit and Source because those are the sources I trust. This is what I found out just a few minutes ago, and I need to share it with you.

As your body and mind ache as it tries to adjust to your new Consciousness, the focus MUST BE ON THE HEART CHAKRA. I went outside in my garden, in the sun, and as I watered my new sprouting wildflowers, I saw a rainbow - you know how sometimes you see a rainbow when the hose hits the sun just right. THAT was my connection. THAT is when I heard from Source.

Me: How do I release the pain of my Ascension? Source: The focus must be on the heart chakra. Me: How do I do that? Source: Spend time adjusting to the earth's new north gravitational pull. It will affect everyone's body and mind. Me: What can I do? Source: Lean back, arms extended, and open up your chest cavity/rib cage as you inhale deeply. Make sure your neck is supported yet open at the throat chakra. This will straighten your heart chakra.

Now that I have some answers, I - WE - can be on our way to feeling better, releasing stress and anxiety, and moving forward in our timelines.

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Feb 06, 2022

These ascension symptoms are brutal but I am grateful to know what is going on with my body . I am 49 and my body is going through the change of life at this time also . It's a double whammy . I'm a survivor and I can get through it .

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