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How Can We Tell When Our Passed Loved Ones Are Near?

Since my dad passed away recently, I’ve been processing and observing a lot. Do I miss him? Of course I do. Am I doing well with the grieving process? Yes, very well. So why do I still cry just about every day? Because he is THAT close.

So here’s the thing. Like in all my mediumship experiences, I look for patterns. What is going on when the same thing happens over and over again? First, identify the “thing,” for me, it’s crying.

I’m not sad, so why am I crying? It’s because of the frequency of my passed loved ones, my dad in particular, since he was the most recent.

For example, last week, hubs and I were at a bar enjoying a beer. I went to the restroom and thought, wow, Dad would have loved hanging with us and having a beer, which he often did with us while alive. Out of nowhere, I started balling, and thankfully, I was on my way to the bathroom to compose myself.

Today at the grocery store, I saw an older man with a sweatshirt that said ARMY. I thanked him for his service, and he said, “You’re welcome,” right after that, my throat got the knot, and I got teary. My Dad was also in the Army.

This is the pattern I noticed and why I’m writing this post.

We cry not solely because we’re sad but because when we think of our loved ones, they are RIGHT NEXT TO US! Since their frequency is so much higher than ours, which is why we can’t see them, we get emotional BECAUSE WE CAN FEEL THEM.

This is a significant discovery for me and really, really helped me today, and I hope it helps you next time you cry. It’s a good thing.


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21 oct 2023
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Thanks Donna. Very true! ❤️

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