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How Can We Find FOCUS In Our Lives?

To start with, I’m going to say with color. See the white image in the middle? That’s you. See all the pretty colors around you? That’s all the stuff in your life that you do day in and day out.

You are picture-perfect white right now, and you can pull in any color you want to. The orange can represent a chore that you have to do today. The green can be the bills you have to pay. The yellow can be the things you have to do for your family by the end of the day, and the purple can be all the things left that you want to do for yourself, but you ran out of time. See the sky blue in the middle? That is your focus. It’s your ‘light at the end of the tunnel,’ so to speak.

That is the direction you go, and you can only take so much with you through that opening - it all just won’t fit! So, take a little of each of those colors, and that is your day. Don’t take all of it; save some for tomorrow.

The point here is to find that sweet spot in life where you have balance and only take what you can fit through that space - and that’s enough. Set your sights on what you want to accomplish for the day and make it a reasonable load. Allow time for yourself to reground and find your center. Everything else will fall into place and come to focus.

This is just one card from my Color Cures Self Healing Oracle cards that I designed. This is the FOCUS card, #18. They can be found in my SHOP


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