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How can I make the best choices for myself today?

Life is all about choices and the paths we choose. Like those stairs, it takes some effort to achieve our goals; nothing in life comes easy. The things that are worth striving for are the ones that we worked the hardest to achieve.

There are many obstacles along the way, yet there are many inspirations as well. WE chose what to see, the positive or the negative. Somethings the negative has such a strong pull on us because it’s denser energy, just heavier, and it’s harder to let go. Yet, the positive feels so much better, yet we tend to dwell on the denser side.

Take a deep breath and do one easy thing - every day - PUT YOURSELF FIRST. If it feels bad, let it go. If heavy thoughts repeat in your head, replace them with a pleasant thought. Tomorrow thoughts always keep in your “today,” but let that go - keep your “now” thoughts in focus.

What to choose? I still say and will always say, get into nature. Even if you have a little patch of grass in your yard, focus on that. Nature is the key to healing, releasing, and replacing your stagnant energy with energy that will work for you.

Play. Live. Love. Laugh. Feel. Stretch. Breathe.


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