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How Can I Learn About Mediumship?

There are many elements in life that help our Mediumship . It's our chakras , our senses, and our Angels . There are many books written about mediumship, one of mine is in the works, but is there one book that will show us HOW mediumship works?

After living a very psychic and mediumistic life, I was shown by spirit and Source more times than I can count, that I am to help teach. I will mention this; SO many elements in life all help us learn and connect, from the #music we listen to right down to the colors we are attracted to wearing that day. THESE are the lessons in life that are the best elements to help us along our journey. The book of life is right before our eyes, every day.

Take note of your day, of your night, and reconnect with yourself. YOU are the best guide when it comes to learning about spirit. This is what NaturalMediumship is all about. Do you know how to put it all together? I will be here to help. I have a group in MeWe call NATURAL MEDIUMSHIP. Please come join.


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