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How Can I Heal My Stress Today?

We all have some type of stress and whether it's big or little, it's still stress. When someone tells you to “just breathe” that only fuels it and does no good.

Here, these cards are saying that sometimes, we just have to walk away from the situation because when it comes to dealing with people, we can't change them and the things they do but we can choose how to react.

Walk away, turn the other way, however you want to word it, remove yourself from the situation. Trust in your gut that you know your thoughts and feelings are right but sometimes, it stops there. and Although you feel like you are not being heard and that no one understands, stress and anxiety can fester if you let it. Be the bigger one and set your intentions in your mind instead of lashing out and causing more stress. Treat yourself to something special that no one can give you, like time alone .... it does wonders.


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