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How Are Bad Spirits Like Smelly Cans of Cat Food?

The other day I was reading a post in a forum, and a member there said she just did a house clearing - for the first time. I always get nervous when I hear about these “first-time” experiences. Was it done right? Was it done safely?

She started by saying that she felt there was an evil presence in her home, and she was going to take it upon herself to get rid of it. That’s all fine and dandy if you know what you’re doing.

I’m not saying that I go Ghostbusting all over town, but there were times when I saw something ugly in my home and sent it packing, and I’ll tell you about that later on in this post.

So anyway, this girl said she felt a bad presence in her home, so she sent it away. Which is fine, but I asked her, “where did you send it?”

I got a visual of her scratching her head because she didn’t know since she was a newbie to the Ghost Busting thing.

I thought so.

If you are one of those people who go cleaning homes or spaces, keep in mind, when you send something out, it goes somewhere. It’s not in your home anymore because you sent it packing, but it goes somewhere else. Where is that somewhere? To your neighbor? To a depressed person in the next town? To some crazy teens playing with those dangerous Ouija boards? That would be a yes, yes, and most definitely yes.

Here’s what happened to me one Christmas eve - an interesting time for a visit, don’t you think?

I was in my kitchen with my red and white apron on, cleaning up a storm and getting ready for the family to arrive. Happy as can be, I was in my kitchen doing whatever it was I was doing when these horrible and, I mean horrible, images popped up in my mind (that Clairvoyance or seeing with the 3rd eye) clear out of the blue. It stopped me in my tracks.

There were grotesque images of demons and monstrous-looking faces right in front of me. Along with disgusting images of, how do I say, “inappropriate acts” were also included in this vision. How’s that for Christmas spirit? Yes, someone was trying to rattle my cage, but it didn’t work.

I stand strong in my beliefs, and I know I have my Guides and Archangel Michael with me 24/7. Did I get scared? No. Because I know that I’m always in control. Sure it was unsettling to see such gross images when I’m listening to “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause” and thinking about the wonderfulness of Christmas, so yea, it startled me a little.

What did I do? I stopped in my tracks and immediately closed my eyes and said, “oh no, you don’t! You will NOT show this to me, and you are NOT welcome in my home or anywhere near it.”

The images instantly fled - but where did they go? To scare someone else?

Before I sent them packing, I told them to go into the light and love. I visually turned them all into beautiful gold glitter and swooshed them out into the Universe IN A BEAUTIFUL FORM.

See what I did? I took a bad, turned it into good, THEN I sent it away into the Universe.

I went about my business but first, I rebooted my energy with light from the Divine. When you send energy out (for me, all these motions and intentions use up energy), make sure you fill yourself back up with good energy and light, OR there will be a little space within you that is open - for something to fill in. That fill-in needs to be good. This is a post for another time and an important one.

So, any cat owners here? Do you feed them wet food? Of course, you do, so you know how smelly those cans are after the feeding frenzy is done. What do you do? Well, I don’t know about you, but I rinse the can out, make it all clean again before throwing it away. I do this, so it doesn’t stink up the garbage can - the place I send it to when I’m done with it.

Get my point?


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