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Guides, What is My Message For Today?

This morning I went for a walk and asked my Guides for a message for the day.

About an hour later I was sitting in my backyard with my dad, enjoying the beautiful flowers and listening to the birds.

As I was sitting there looking at my flowers I noticed that this time last year, certain flowers were swarming with bumblebees and honeybees. This is the first season that I noticed a decreased amount of bees on those flowers.

Knowing that I asked my Guides for a message I took that as my message for the day. I asked myself, "what does the honeybee symbolize?" And as we all know the expression "busy as a bee" came to mind.

So what is the message here? Since I noticed a severe lack of the bees being busy, I took that to heart knowing that I should do the same. It's great to be busy every day but it's also great not to be busy and just as important.


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