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Going Beyond the Velvet: A Different Kind Of Psychic Medium

When you first hear that someone is a psychic medium, you immediately think of tarot cards and crystals. That's so cliche, and I don't know about you, but I'm sick of it!

Don't get me wrong, I spent the last decade diving deep into those deviation tools, and yes, they were fun. I took mediumship, chakra, and even Angel classes, and yes, they were game changers for my connection to spirit, but when you think about it, do we need all that fluff? Education never hurts anyone, but do we need it when connecting with spirit?

What did the gypsies do back in the day? They didn't run to ZOOM and spend too much money on classes that were just meh. They relied on their intuition.

Would I change anything if I had to do it all over again? No, because it was excellent learning about those modalities, and I wouldn't be where I am now if I didn't experience all that stuff. Some of my most profound experiences manifested independently without help from cards or cyrsals, making me wonder if all that was necessary.

I came to realize something pretty profound this year. Both my parents passed a year with each other, and the experiences I had, I won't say, are coincidences because we all know there's no such thing, were profound.

The connection to the other side was and is so strong. With just a thought or word, I feel as if they are right beside me, and they are. The only difference is I can't physically touch them, which kind of sucks, but the love and interactions are unbelievable.

It got me thinking. I feel a HUGE change on the horizon, and if you are a sensitive person, you are feeling it in your gut as well. My change starts with packing away all my toys, crystals, cards, and anything remotely velvet because it is no longer needed.

This movement is very much like TV. Most of you have SO many channels to choose from, and it's impossible to know what they all are or to watch them. If you eliminate most channels, let's say down to a dozen, TV watching becomes more enjoyable with fewer choices. I know this because I just did this with my TV.

So TV and Mediumship - I'm going to drop a whole bunch of channels in my mediumship journey, and in doing so, I will make the connection more substantial and enjoyable.

I look at the psychic mediums on TicTok and giggle. First, they throw cards all over the place, rambling on with Light Language like they have their wires crossed and doing free readings for any Joe that pops onto their live feed. These are low-grade, low-quality mediums. I'm not saying they shouldn't be doing what they are doing because they are learning; they shouldn't charge for their silly shenanigans. It's rare to find an evidential medium other than the ones that say, "Oh, your loved one is with you, and they love you so much."

There is much to learn about mediumship, and the learning curve never stops. I'm learning that enough is enough; the woo-woo facade is coming down, and the illusion of spooky grandeur is no longer needed. I'm excited to embrace myself fully, the person I was born to be with no title and be here when spirit calls.

So I'm done doing readings, which always felt like a carnival act to me. However, I am here for spirit and spirit alone. Messages will come and be delivered if and when needed. Meanwhile, I am one with the spirit world, which feels great!

All I need is continued trust in myself, a strong connection with spirit, and to continue sharpening and using the senses I was born with.

Back to Basics in my 60th year and loving it! Life is just beginning. And so it is.


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