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Goals for October: Simplicity

Today is all about knowing how and when to simplify. It has a lot to do with staying in the present moment and changing your #timeline which I talk about A LOT. What does that mean?

It means to do just a few things differently today, change up your routine. Go about your day but start it, out of order. For example, every morning the first thing I do when I wake up is taking care of my five cats. Today, I put myself first and went for a walk before the sun came up. I reflected on the things I want to do for myself, the goals I want to reach for this month and just to enjoy the now - everyone and everything else can wait.

Continue your day but stay in the present time - don't worry about what is going to unfold later or tomorrow, stay in the now - and that is super hard to do!

You can achieve these goals by just slowing down- way, way down. There is no rush, there is no urgency.

My goals for October and to STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR and to go out and enjoy nature more. The sugar thing won't be so simple but going out in nature, I so welcome that!

What are your goals for October?


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