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Get To Know Your Own Energy

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my spiritual friends, the empaths, is that they are constantly picking up the feelings and energy of other people. Like a sponge, this is exactly what happens to empaths and it's a big issue. How do we prevent this from happening so we can enjoy crowds again? Here's a suggestion.

To simplify, there’s only one connection, and that’s right to the top. To empower yourself every day, focus on yourself. Similar to meditation, sit quietly and sense your energy - feel it, learn it, know it. This is how we learn to understand what OUR energy feels like instead of soaking up the feelings/energy of others. On the days we feel “off,” we’ll know it’s not ours. Shake it off, and push those feeling away; they are not yours. This is the life of an empath.


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Feb 02, 2022

I have learned a few yrs ago that there is a name for what I am . I Am a Empath . I have always had strangers come up to me and tell me all about their life problems and most tell me that they never told anyone about it . I knew that something was going on . I often felt drained of energy but didn't know what was going on . I am grateful for all the information on being a Empath so thank you for sharing your wisdom on this .

Feb 02, 2022
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Life of an empath is so channeling Kim! We have to keep our energy, stand true to ourselves while keeping our heart space open to help others. Glad you're hear! Thank you for all your comments :-)

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