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From Color To The Cosmos: Inside the Mind of a Medium

Who wants to read what goes on inside my mind? You? Her? Him? Them? Maybe everyone? Perhaps no one will want to read it. I know that I have some fascinating stories and experiences to tell you about that to this day, if I hadn’t experienced them firsthand, I would have never believed.

The people who want to read this book will be those who are attracted to the metaphysical/spiritual world since the word medium is in the title. Perhaps some of you are having experiences that you can’t explain and are just looking for validation. Know that you are not going crazy; for a long time, I seriously thought I was insane.

To express what’s inside my head, I have to share my experiences with you. When I realized I was a psychic medium, I often wondered what exactly was in the minds of other mediums. How did it all start for them? How did the person deal with all the stress and anxiety that comes with living this role? Did they lose all their friends too? Who were they able to trust? Are their friends going to be people who want free readings all the time? Did they hear voices in their heads or see things that no one else could? What were the triggers in their life to activate their mediumship? Is this the work of the devil? Of Angels? Yup, that is what went through my head, and likely may be going through yours as well.

That is the inspiration for this book. I realized that my thinking and experiences were quite different from the ordinary Joe, and I want to share it all with you. I had the same questions about mediumship, and I hope your questions will be answered by sharing my life with you. This journey is different for everyone and not meant for everyone. It’s challenging, frustrating, scary, lonely yet, on the other hand, the most fantastic role I’ve lived so far in my life and I wouldn’t change a thing.

You can purchase my book here on Amazon. Thank you in advance!


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