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Feeling Like A Fish Out Of Water

I feel like a fish out of water and no longer fit into life. I feel there is a bigger, better place I am supposed to be in, and I am not sure where that is. I love my life as a Medium, which weeds out many people in my life but also attracts many others. It’s a shift going on now, and I’m moving forward.

I left most of my social media platforms, and the ones I’m on now (MeWe) feel empty. I have SO much to share and say on a positive note, and I am not sure where to direct it.

Yes, I have two blogs and a YouTube channel, and of course, I love to write on various platforms like MEDIUM, but something feels off.

  • Is it the shift between “worldS” right now that I’m feeling?

  • Is another download on its way?

  • Do I need to chill and enjoy nature and family like I’ve been doing until this passes?

Not sure what or how to do but writing sure helps.


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