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Family Drama Does Continue In The Afterlife

The other day I had a reading and it just was a little rough. I posted about Spirit people not being too nice on the other side. As I struggled well, I don't wanna say struggled, but I will, through this reading, the sitter was getting upset.

I'm super proud of myself that I've had enough mediumship training to know that I should remain with the person in spirit, and stand by the message that they are trying to say regardless of the tone.

Mother, in spirit, was expressing regret for how she raised her daughter and the choices that she made. Her daughter, the sitter, was clearly aggravated. Oh, I was in the middle of what felt like a Family argument, family drama, and it was very unpleasant. Not all mediumship readings are unicorns and lollipops, and if you are a medium and you think that it's going to be love and light all the time, you need to be retrained.

I'm so happy I had this experience, as uncomfortable as it was because it was a tremendous learning curve for me. After sitting with myself for a day or two and really thinking about the energy of this reading, I've come to realize and understand that it was not for me to be upset with the sitter but for the sitter to release her anger. Her anger for her mom was fierce, and was even shown and expressed after her passing, which is very unfortunate.

My client will never read this post, which is fine, but it's a point that is hugely important to know if you are a medium or if you are getting readings from a medium. The medium is a messenger, and if trained well, will hold the link with the person in spirit long enough to convey the message that they want to talk about. After all mediumship is connecting with the other side and meeting their needs, not meeting the needs of the client.

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Feb 05, 2023

Fascinating, and not unexpected, really. A lot of New Age folk give the idea that once we pass, we let go of all the biological life drama and enter Oneness, where it doesn't matter. But it looks from your experience that even if that does happen eventually (and for "stuck" ghosts it may not), it may take some time for the spirit person to shed their individual personality. Looks like your mediumship session provided a personal growth situation for the client in particular, if they chose to experience it. Mediums must need to work hard on staying neutral to the drama while still holding compassion for client and spirit. I think you are right, though, that ultimately you represent the spirit's…

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