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Election Energy; Stay One Step Ahead

Emotions are running high. I feel the next weeks/months will be a roller coaster of a ride. Holidays are coming up, opinions will be voiced, and our faith will definitely be tested. I spent a good chunk of yesterday reading post after post on how everything will be ok and need to trust. We need to trust and pray that all will be good for our country, but what is concerning me is the people.

You can't just send out a pretty graphic and say “the best is yet to be” because a few steps are missing there.

People need time to process. Everything is happening so fast and 2020, well, continues to be the crappy year it is. All I’m saying is take time to think, meditate, pray, live, love, enjoy nature music, and your pets. Yes, we should be doing that every day anyway, but now more so than ever, our reset button needs to be pressed.

stay one step ahead of the 2020 energy
stay one step ahead of the 2020 energy

If you are happy and content now, that is fantastic! Keep in mind there are people out there who are not. Try to be kind with your words. Please know that there are SO many illusions out there, and many reside within ourselves.

I am taking some time off to process my thoughts and emotions because right now, they are all over the place. How? I’m going to eat, drink and be merry, that will help to start.

On a deeper level, I will hold strong my thoughts and beliefs because I am usually never wrong when it comes to what I sense. In order to keep that “sense” strong, I need to back away from the facades of social media and the people who fuel it.

On a deeper level yet, I need to reach into myself and pull out my soul. This involves prayer, deep meditation, and connecting with and grasping this new energy that is among us. I do know this, which is why I wrote this post, “to rise above and accept” will not work at this time. More needs to be done. It’s like playing chess; we have to be at least two steps ahead. This way, we won’t be blindsided when things begin to unfold. More importantly, we will be strong, prepared, and in the right mindset to see what’s going on and know how to REACT.

I’m ready to play chess! Are you? Because I'll be back soon with clarity to share ❤


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