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Does Anyone Ever Get Tired of The Woo?

I know there are ebbs and flows in our journey, but it seems there are more feelings of ebbs than flows. Is anyone else feeling it?

The holidays are approaching, and I focus on that instead of playing with my crystal of the day. Yeah, peanut butter cookies and my Christmas shopping list now precede my newest crystal.

On one hand, I find myself stopping in my tracks and saying, “Hello? Is anyone there?” and hearing dead silence. I guess my spirit team would rather bake cookies, too. Fine, be that way.

I’ve learned over the years that spirit gives us these ebbs for a reason, and I will accept that. I know I’m still in grief from my dad passing this summer, and honestly, I like the solitude.

As the winter season quickly approaches, I’m taking the rest of the year just to be: no readings, no card flips, no crystal hugging, and no tapping into the realm in between. I’m just going to be.

How do you all feel? What do you do during the ebbs?

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Nov 05, 2023

I usually worry a lot during the ebbs because my knowing disappears, and the overall body feeling of being connected isn't there. Right now, though, I feel a resurgence of the energy and a new purpose in being my genuine self, without worrying about how my woo-woo is received by others. Digging into my soul purpose. I will take to heart what you have said, though. Not worth worrying when energies are not accessible. 😊

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