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Darn You New Moon!

As much as I love the moon phases, they always scare me. They are so strong and I'm so sensitive that I feels them full blast and it's getting harder and harder as time goes on.

We are still in the window of the new moon which officially was yesterday. It's a kick in the gut how one day I can feel so amazing and the next, an emotional wreck. So many thoughts, so many emotions and no one to talk to about it without getting my throat chakra ripped out. Thank god for this blog.

As much as I love being a psychic medium there is such a downside. Having an ear to listen to is not easy. Friends, spouses, if you're lucky, they will be there for you. I'm not saying I don't have that but they're there for me on such a surface level it's almost not worth it to talk to them. It's more frustrating than anything else.

I'm a ranty pants today and it happens. I'll talk about the amazing things in my life and the not so amazing. Today, it's not so amazing.


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