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Crossing Spirits Over in a Dream

I had an odd dream last night - for the short time I did sleep - that I released a family of five that passed away. They died, and for some reason, their spirits were in a car (in dreams, a car symbolizes home.)

I guess I was house hunting, and I remember the real estate rep telling me that a long time ago, several people had passed away in the house.

I felt their presence in the house but wasn’t sure where they were. They didn’t let me leave the house and kept shutting my car off when I tried to leave. When I got out of my car to look around, I saw an old, burnt car off to the side covered in weeds and dirt from time, and I was drawn to it. I opened the back hatch (a very old station wagon) and saw the spirits of the family drift out and up from the car. There were three young children; one was an infant, parents, and even an Irish Setter dog.

The details of this dream were incredible, from what I saw in the home to the clothes that each of the spirit people were wearing.

A medium in the day, and apparently also through the astral plane.


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