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Conversations From Heaven

Last night, a strange thing was going on. I found it very difficult to get in a comfortable position; none of my favorite moves comforted me. The other odd thing I noticed was the energy in my legs. They felt like I just came back from a 5k run, not that I know what that feels like, but that is the best way I can describe how they felt.

I was tossing and turning till 1 a.m. Up to go to the bathroom, to turn the night light off, to blow my nose, to go to the bathroom, to do some stretches, to pet the cats, to go to the bathroom again - should I get up for the day? No. I still need a good night's rest to recover from my flu or whatever I had.

Finally, finally, I fell asleep and had an interesting "dream" that lasted just for a few words.

I saw my mom, who passed a year now, doing exercises for her back. In life, her back was always very boney and crooked with osteoporosis.

She turned to me and said, "look, Donna! I"m doing exercises for my back now!"

She turned away and had her back facing toward me. Her back looked beautiful, with not a blemish or bone bumping out. She was proud that she finally had the time, or chance, to do something for herself, for her health.

I giggled in the dream as I looked at her and how proud she was of herself.

"Great, mom, looking good! Too bad you didn't do some of those exercises when you were alive. But good for you! Better late than never." And my mom smiled at me as she turned and vanished from my sight.

Morning came, and I forgot about the conversation with my mom. I felt like I wanted to change my routine for some reason. Usually, I'd pick up my phone and gaze at it for an hour and a half, reading emails, looking at the news, and seeing if TikTok was still there. Then I'd do some stretches, hit the shower, and start my day.

I spent the morning doing Qigong, which was really, really nice. It felt so good to move energy around my body, get the kinks out, and get the blood flowing after laying in bed most of the week.

Working through the slow moves, I felt different this morning, like I had a better connection with myself. It's hard to explain, but it felt very comforting and reassuring.

The morning progressed as usual: shower, feed the cats, and make breakfast for my 95-year-old dad, who has been living with me since mom's passing.

As we had breakfast, I told dad about my dream with mom. He looked at me with a weird stare, and for a moment, I thought I had upset him.

He turned to me and said, "Donna, it's amazing the connection you have with people who are no longer with us."

As he's heard many of my experiences from beyond before, I wanted to reassure him that they are still very much with us and anyone can connect with their passed loved ones.

As I tried to explain how we can sense our loved ones around us, I realized that these experiences came easily to me and not to him. As he explained that he couldn't connect with mom, so much was going through my head, and the reason he was unable to was clear to me. I would keep that reason to myself.

For most of his life, he always put himself first, and my mom was MAYBE second. Even in death, as much as he misses her, she is still not #1 in his heart, even as much as he thinks she is.

Dad said that when he prays, he senses his dad by him. I so wanted to say something like, "isn't that odd that your dad is more in your heart than your wife?" Without going into details here, his experience makes perfect sense, and I said nothing, but my heart broke just a little for my mom.

Whatever relationship dad had with mom is and was between them. My relationship with my mom is still growing, and in my heart, I know where we stand. I've had more conversations with my mom since she passed than we've had in previous years.

It feels good to catch up with these conversations from heaven, and I look forward to more, which are just a dream away.



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