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Connecting With Spirits from the Past

I went to Florida’s oldest saloon (1800's)- the Palace Saloon in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

As I sat in the bar area,

I began getting that feeling in my body when spirits were near and wanted to connect. Yes, there were spirits there, lots of them. I was overcome by a wave of sadness and heard, “I had a rough life, but it makes me happy to see people enjoying themselves.”

Looking in the mirror was like looking in-between dimensions as I watched what looked like translucent clouds swirling behind me in the reflection. It was a wild experience, and of course, when I turned around, there was nothing to be seen.

I felt they were people, people of the past, who came to this bar to eat, drink and socialize.

There is really way more to this story than what I’m writing here; it was more emotions and visuals, which are hard to convey in words.

I will say this, the feeling of love that I felt when I looked into the mirror and saw those spirit people nearly brought me to tears.

This is a perfect example of how we continue to live on but in a very different form.


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